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Here is a list of the most common questions we recieve at Providence Homes

1) What is your warranty and what will it cover?

Our warranty is through Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada Ltd. They provide a 10 year warranty; 10 years for structural defects, 5 years for water penetration and 2 years overall coverage. A booklet will be provided with all the details before the contract to build your new home is signed.

2) What should I look for when hiring a builder?

Hiring a builder you can work with and trust should be your highest priority. Construction of a home can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years so you will be in contact with your builder for quite some time. Look for a builder who is experienced. It takes contractors a long time to build a relationship with a number of quality trades and get the experience necessary to construct the many different types of houses and designs. Always ask for references and be sure to view other houses that the contractor has built. Also ask who will be your contact during construction. Will it be an employee or will the builder himself give you personalized attention? Providence Home makes it a policy to work with you directly so you can have the best advice and remain in continuous contact through all the stages of construction.

3) What types of building contracts are there and which should I use?

There are many types of arrangements that you can make with Providence Homes depending upon your needs. The two most common are the “Management” (cost plus) contract, and the “Fixed price contract”.

a) The Management contract: This contract engages Providence Homes to manage the construction of your new home while you pay the invoices. Although we give you an estimated amount of what your house will cost, it is not considered a fixed price. In this type of contract all the details of the home do not need to be decided in advance. You can make your choices during the construction process. Providence Homes will be paid a pre-arranged percentage of the cost of building your new home. One advantage of this method is that you can hire Providence Homes before starting plans for the home. We can then help advise you on the cost and draft your home plans with your budget in mind. There are many cost saving strategies that can be employed in the design of your home.

b) Fixed Price Contract: This contract gives you the assurance that the price quoted will be what you pay at the end of your project. This is helpful if you require bank financing. For us to give you an accurate price, the plans needs to be complete and all the specifications determined in advance. This will take some time as it requires a detailed contract. You will still be able to make changes during construction, but the price may alter. You will also be required to make predetermined draws or payments to Providence Homes at various stages of construction.

4) How long does it take to build a house?

It takes 6-9 months to construct the average home, once permits are accepted by the city, though there are considerations that may affect the final outcome: A larger or more complex home can take longer. Weather can slow down the process. In the lower mainland rain does not stop us from continuous construction; however frost or snow may delay the work. Rain during the framing stage will not create problems as we are careful to have the correct moisture content before dry-walling. Major changes in plans may affect completion dates, as will delays caused by suppliers. Providence Homes will make every effort to have you in your home on, or before your completion date

5) What would help me during the construction of my house?

Photographs and pictures are a great way to communicate between you and Providence Homes. A picture says a thousand words! Examplesof your ideas will help us to make your wishes and dreams a reality. We also have a library of photographs and suppliers catalogues that you can use to help make your decisions. Providence Homes also offers a program in which photographs are taken of your new home at various stages of construction. This ensures you have pictures that you can use in the future should you want to make changes and need to see what is behind the walls. If you are out of town and need to communicate with us, it is easy to reference the photograph on-line and discuss the area in question.

6) Can I use an interior decorator?

Some customers do not like the idea of making all the selections required during the construction of their house, such as lights, paint colors, tile, carpets etc. Interior decorators make this very easy for you. Even if you only use a few hours of their time it can be invaluable. Some items are very expensive to alter later should you change your mind.

7) Where can I get my plans drawn?

Providence Homes will have a preliminary plan drawn for you so that we can give you an estimate of what your home will cost before you sign a contract to build. Once you are comfortable with the rough plan and price you can enter into a contract with Providence Homes and then complete the plan.